Q: What are turnkey websites?
A: Turnkey websites are fully setup websites pre-loaded with real content, with proven income producing capabilities, ready for business and making money from day one. Read our FAQ for details.

Q: Why purchase a turnkey website?
A: Purchasing a turnkey websites is the easiest and least expensive way to start your own money making website. It saves time and money, doesn’t require a large investment or any experience.

Q: What is the total cost? Are there any recurring charges or extra fees?
A: The are no recurring charges. The price listed is the only price you pay us for the setup, lifetime support and upgrades. The only additional cost is domain registration and hosting fees (payable to domain registrar and hosting provider of your choice).

Q: Do I need my own domain and hosting?
A: Yes, you need your own domain name and hosting. We recommend namecheap.com for low cost domain registration and hostgator.com for hosting.

Q: Will I own the website?
A: Yes, you will own your website and you will have full control of your website. Copyrights and resale rights are not included.

Q: Do you offer more designs to choose from?
A: Yes, we can change the design of your website. Contact us for more details.

Please contact us if you have any questions: